Tori and Chloe Best Jr Handler
Trey and Mini Best Jr Handler
My children: Tori and Trey
My children have grown up with dogs and at dog shows and have both grown into excellent trainers and handlers in their own right.  Both Tori and Trey help with all of the grooming, cleaning, training and presentation of the dogs.

Tori primarily campaigned Chloe in both conformation and Jr Showmanship.  She started out with Jack, the fox terrier as she learned the ropes.  She also presented Phantom, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi in both the Veteran's classes and Jr. Showmanship. Tori is currently on dog show hiatus while she pursues her degree in Applied Math at Monmouth College.  You may see her out and about between semesters playing with the new puppies.

Trey has shown schipperkes for years with my mother  He is currently attending Eureka College, where he is majoring in Criminal Justice and playing soccer.  He is out and about working for Laura King whenever he can.   He is currently taking Joey (Belgian) out as a young special and working on finishing his newest Schipperke, Zuko. He can always be counted on to help ringside with anything.

I am so proud of my kids.  Growing up in the dog world can be a lot of work.  Tori and Trey are both mature young adults who work hard in school and at shows.  Watch out for them! They really are a joy to see.